Mahogan is a hip hop artist with international roots.
His previous works include the singles „Gimme That“ and „Bow 6“, which have been regularly played by several radio stations, namely WDR Cosmo, a major branch of the German public broadcasting network and Wealthy Ears Radio (Atlanta, USA).

In addition to his musical releases, Mahogan’s growing fan base has closely followed his live performances, most prominently as the lead act of the „Urban African Line-Up“ as part of the MitAfrika Festival in Cologne 2019 with approximately 10.000 attendees, which Mahogan also hosted.

Most recently, Mahogan is looking forward to the release of his upcoming single „Ride or Die“ on May 3rd, 2020, a laid-back anthem to true friendship with a naturally chill melody.

Mahogan ist ein Hip-Hop-Künstler mit internationalen Wurzeln. Seine bisherigen Arbeiten umfassen unter anderem die Singles „Gimme That“ und „Bow 6“, die in die Rotationen mehrerer Radios aufgenommen wurden, namentlich etwa WDR Cosmo oder Wealthy Ears Radio (Atlanta, USA).

Mahogans wachsende Fangemeinde begleitete ebenso seine bisherigen Live-Auftritte, prominenterweise etwa als Lead-Act des „Urban African Line-Ups“ im Rahmen des MitAfrika-Festivals in Köln 2019, das Mahogan ebenfalls moderierte.

Mit viel Vorfreude erwartet Mahogan den Release seiner kommenden Single „Ride or Die“ am 03. Mai 2020, einer stimmigen Hymne auf echte Freundschaft zu natürlich zeitgemäßer Melodie.